Using a fun game show format, Mind You Medicine develops students' understanding of medicines and their safe use, positive communication, strategies for managing conflict and how feelings influence the choices that we make.

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These lessons creates an opportunity for student discussions that will consolidate and communicates important messages about looking after your body. Lesson activities examine how medicines work within different body systems and how medicine gets to the right spot.

The 'Tuning In' module and the Life Ed site visit focus on physical health, and medicines in particular. The 'Extending Lesson' focusses on developing social and emotional skills using positive talk. The lesson emphasises and encourages the development of empathy and understanding of internal thoughts and feelings, as well as thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Factors that influence someone’s self-worth.
  • Techniques for effective communication.
  • Strategies for managing stressful situations.
  • Identifying the impact of different factors on health and wellbeing.
  • Medicines as drugs and the consequences of their misuse.
Mind Your Medicine is now available for 'On Demand' delivery.
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Once you've booked a Life Ed session, you'll have access to a library of pre and post program lessons to extend learning in the classroom.